Need help replacing bracelet on Luminox 9002

Thread: Need help replacing bracelet on Luminox 9002

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    Need help replacing bracelet on Luminox 9002

    I have a Luminox 9002, the SR-71 watch. I've had it for a few years now and for a long time it was my daily watch. I love it on the pvd bracelet but my clasp will no longer stay closed. The latch part, with the luminox stamp on it, keeps the clasp closed but the main deployment mechanism won't stay shut - it just pops back out every time.

    I've taken it to a watch technician (who I have had a number of good experiences with) and he says that he thinks that the clasp is just worn out and that my best bet is to either replace the faulty piece (hard to source the parts) or to replace the bracelet (hard to find the original bracelet).

    My question is: Does anyone know where to source luminox parts or bracelets? I've looked on luminous watch shop and all over the web... If that's not possible, can anyone suggest another pvd bracelet that would work in its place? The 9002 has 22mm spacing so I can't imagine it would be that difficult. Is there another luminox watch bracelet that might work in the faulty bracelet's stead?

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    Re: Need help replacing bracelet on Luminox 9002

    I would try eBay first, or re-post this request in the "Wanted To Buy" forum of this section to see if anyone has something that will meet your needs.
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