need recommendation for white-ish leather strap

Thread: need recommendation for white-ish leather strap

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    Question need recommendation for white-ish leather strap


    I recently got ahold of this russian medical watch that I really like. The strap I got with it doesn't really do it for me though. It is brown and pressed down at the sides with a little bump in the middle. Sorry about the strange description I don't know any names for different types of straps.
    Anyway I think that I would like a more straightforward leather strap. Flat without any "bump" and white or just light in colour. The watch has a white dial with red and black text and markings. So maybe a red thread could fit in nicely.

    Oh and I haven't used any deplyoant thingy before but thought I maybe should try one. Do those only fit certain types of strapes or do they fit all straps?

    Thankful for any advice.
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    Re: need recommendation for white-ish leather strap

    Deployant vary in design. One of the things to look out for is the thickness of the strap.

    The bump you are talking about is called a padded strap. Most often Panerai style straps are flat in the manner that you describe. Although, there are other options besides straps referred to as Panerai style.

    Hope this helps.

    White leather can look cool, but might be difficult to keep clean. Red stitching would certainly be a bold combination with white leather.

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