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    New leather strap for Tissot

    A bit of a newbie question, but here goes. I’ve recently bought a Tissot Powermatic 80 (as seen in the attached image) which has a double fold deployment clasp. I’ve never worn a watch with a deployment clasp before and am finding it very uncomfortable: the clasp seems to be digging into my wrist. I’ve only worn the watch for one day, and the leather strap is still very rigid. Also, I have tiny wrists so will probably need a new hole putting into the strap, as the watch does move about a bit on my wrist.
    Do I,
    a) give the strap a bit of time to break in, or
    b) buy a different leather strap which doesn’t have a deployment clasp?

    If the answer is b, then i’d only be looking at black leather straps and don’t really want to pay any more than £50.

    Any advice?
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    Re: New leather strap for Tissot

    My thoughts are that the strap is too long for your tiny wrist causing the clasp to rest in the wrong place, thus creating the discomfort. To start with, you probably need a shorter strap. Something where your not 1 or 2 holes away from the last available hole. You can wear this shorter strap alone, or attach your tissot deployant clasp (as long as the buckle end remains the same as your stock Tissot strap). The shorter strap should enable the clasp to rest correctly.

    I usually prefer a 7.5 inch strap w/o a deployant clasp. While using a deployant clasp I prefer a 6.9 to 7 inch strap (depending on the brand of clasp).
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    Re: New leather strap for Tissot

    Most companies offer short length straps that are compatible with deployment clasps. If you like the concept of the deploy you can either find a strap with the same buckle width of the Tissot deploy (so you can reuse the existing deploy) or purchase a butterfly or flip clasp that would fit your new strap (should you decide to purchase a new strap).

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