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    New to NATO's

    So I never thought I would like a NATO strap, it seemed strange to put a cheap nylon strap on a watch but I have come around. Since I was concerned but feeling it would "cheapen" the look of the watch, which I now see I was wrong about, I purposely looked for what in my view was higher quality NATO's. I loved the hardware on the Toxic and BluShark and their straps are great quality also so the whole thing didn't feel cheap at all. I have never had a NATO with the standard hardware but to me it looks so small and chintzy, but would love to hear why others like it or don't seem to mind it? The one reason I'm guessing is that it gives you way more color options. Below is a picture of my recent purchases, I also bought a leather from Uncle Seiko. So I have two "Bond" black/gray, one Toxic, one BluShark Orca, BluShark original vintage Bond for my srp777 and a BluShark original "blue Bond" for my Orient Blue Mako, I figure I can wear the leather on either.

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    Re: New to NATO's

    Personally, it's for practicality's sake.

    I work in a line where I come in contact with water a lot, and while I would ideally love to have my watches on leather all the time, it just would compromise the longevity of my leather watch straps. I also dress quite casually at work.

    Hence, NATOs. As a bonus, the various colours or colour combinations do allow for easy matching with outfits too.
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    Re: New to NATO's

    Nice collection.
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    Re: New to NATO's

    I like NATOs because they are cheap and you can quickly change the look of a watch. I own at least 2 dozen and most are from CheapestNatoStraps.

    I always tend to buy the "premium" ones so that they are stitched rather than only glued, and you have a choice of brushed hardware which I prefer. They have a bulk discount, so they end up costing only $8 each.

    I'd like to try a PhenomNato, BluShark, Haveston, etc... but I can buy 4 cheap ones for the price of a high-end one.

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