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    Newbie with a strap question...

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm pretty new to watch collecting (I get the feeling it's going to be costly both in time and money! But I can't wait to get more into it!) and also new to the WUS forum.

    I own a fossil, seiko chronograph and a citizen eco-drive at the moment (all quartz), but am wanting to get a few automatics. I'm pretty mad on seikos at the moment. I'm desperate to get a SKX007 (I hear great things about them!), but thought I's start with a cheaper Seiko 5 Auto.

    I've also bought the tools to change batteries and straps/bracelets, which leads me to my question.

    I wanted to get a seiko 5 like this one-
    Name:  SNKK55K1_MED.jpg
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    And then change the bracelet to a leather strap. As you can see though, the space between the 'lugs' is very small, maybe 10mm?

    So how would I go about adding an after market strap that was a similar width to the original? (22mm or something like that)

    I had the same problem with my fossil, but I bought a cheap rubber strap from ebay and cut the 'shoulders' of the strap out with a stanley knife to make it fir the lugs. But this isn't ideal, and wouldn't look good doing that on a nice leather strap for a decent Seiko.

    I assume you must encounter this often? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance, this site has helped a lot already.

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    Re: Newbie with a strap question...

    You got it - cut (or notch) the strap. That's about the only option. And for that reason, a lot of people around won't buy watches with lugs like that - me included.

    You can find a custom strap maker and have them do the notching for you. (They're plenty of custom strap makers. I'm not familiar enough with the forum favorites to list them, but a search or asking will get you plenty.) The only downside to that, is the strap will probably exceed the value of the watch - maybe even double. But if you don't have a problem with that, go for it. There are people around here that have put straps on watches that are more expensive than the watch itself. (Sometimes - okay, a lot of times - logic is irrelevant around here.)

    The less complicated and more affordable way is to find another watch. There is a different style of Seiko 5 made for everyday since the birth of Christ. There's an online catalog somewhere that lets you search Seiko 5 models. (Once again, you will have to search or ask - I don't know what it is. I just know it exists.)

    Anyway, welcome.
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    Re: Newbie with a strap question...

    Thanks Brandon!

    Appreciate your response. I thought I was a bit crazy cutting a strap to make it fit the lugs, but seems that's the only option then with this type of watch face/lugs.

    If I'm confident enough I might try it with a cheaper leather strap and try to do it myself. However I do like the bracelet it's on, I just thought I'd prefer it on brown leather (and I wanted to use my new strap changing tools! lol).

    I will have a search for a similar looking seiko 5 though, I may well find one similar with a better style of lugs. Is there a name for this type of face/case with the awkward lugs??

    I'm with you, I don't want to spend more on the strap than on the watch. It's my first step into automatics. And although I'm pretty sure I'll love them, I just want to start cheaply and see how I get on with them, so won't be spending a fortune.

    Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie with a strap question...

    If you decide to try and notch a leather strap for your watch, find something to practice on first as it is not quite as easy as it sounds. You want to make sure the cuts are clean and straight on both sides.
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    Re: Newbie with a strap question...

    That watch design is usually referred to as integrated lugs. It's possible to modify a normal strap yourself, or have one custom made for that lug design, but it's usually a bit less than ideal and can be expensive.

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