Off color khaki on PVD Lum Tec

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    Off color khaki on PVD Lum Tec

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    I had this M51 for sale a while ago got no bites so I decided to keep it. I"m glad it worked out and decided not to sell it now. Finally got a chance to polish off that good for nothing outer AR coating n new strap makes it feel like a totally new watch. Just got this 24mm Zulu off color Khaki in the mail. The color wasn't what I expected but once I put it on I was really pleased with how much I like the combination. The off color of the strap seemed to add a new dimension to my M51 and got me excited about the watch all over again. I love when a new strap can do that to a watch!

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    Re: Off color khaki on PVD Lum Tec

    Yep,looks great...Amazing how a simple strip of cloth can completely change the identity of a watch...

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