Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

Thread: Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

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    Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

    This thing has been giving me advanced fits!

    I can't find a NATO that looks good with it. The blue dial doesn't help there. I bought a tan leather strap like the one below for it but I would like to ask you to suggest a good, kind of semi-formal leather strap.

    I think the strap on it is good for informal stuff.

    I'm planning to later this year doctor it with the FFF dial. But a nicer looking strap would be good to add. Can you help?

    Name:  SEIKO_SNZH53_WHOLE1.jpg
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    Re: Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

    Lots to choose from for that watch. Look at the sticky at the top of this forum for a list of on-line vendors and check out the sponsor page as well. Worn & Wound makes some nice straps.
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    Re: Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

    I've got one of these on leather, but am considering a Black Sailcloth with blue stitching from BradyStraps. I think that strap looks a little more formal than the leather.

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    Re: Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

    There is only one strap for the Seiko FFF mod watches, the Bradystraps Sailcloth. It is literally a perfect match.

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    Re: Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

    If you want to go formal, how about a Hirsch Modena in Navy Blue

    Name:  NW-ModenaBlue03-900.jpg
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    Or the Hirsch Grand Duke

    Name:  GrandDukeBlue03-WS.jpg
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    Or the Di Modell Bali Chrono

    Name:  BaliChronoBlue03-EB.jpg
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    Re: Ouch! Help! Need leather for Seiko SNZH 53. . .

    Thanks for the tips. I ordered a replacement dial from Jake and will do a FFF mod for it. I just like numerals better than indices. These are nice straps you guys point to: around $40 each or so! I'm putting bucks into this watch, which is strange since it's not a true diver, but so it goes. It's been keeping time very well.

    Right now the brady strap looks good, since the back latch idea sounds good to me. I'm less likely to drop a watch with this, versus the regular band. Heck about two years ago I dropped an old Bulova and cracked the dial.

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