Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?
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Thread: Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?

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    Question Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?

    I just got a grand seiko 4520-8000 and I'm currently on the hunt for a period correct buckle (posted previously) and a period correct strap. Judging by pictures in the catalogs it looks like its a leather strap very dark in color, perhaps black or dark brown and has alligator or crocodile texture, but it's the small grain texture type. Does anyone have any examples of this? What strap did you put on your grand seiko? Any other suggestions? I'd love to see pictures!!

    Here's mine for reference:

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    Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?

    Well I have a very similar King Seiko Hi-Beat and I just ordered this for it. It's definitely not period correct!

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    Re: Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?

    My thought would be, if not small-print croc, then dark brown, black, or occasionally cordovan-colored leather. I'm thinking very smooth, and with a high oil content...Chromexcel, say.

    Better yet, try catalog hunting. For example, I tried "Omega 1965 catalog"...and lo and behold...
    An Omega catalogue from (July) 1965

    The pics are lousy, but maybe with a bit of hunting you can find some that are better.
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    Re: Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?

    Might also check out the sticky at the top of this forum at the list of on line strap vendors you might review for ideas as well.
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    Re: Period correct strap for vintage grand seiko?

    Thanks for the replies! CastorTroy3, I like it! gangrel, good call on the catalog search. I've done that very thing over on the SCWF site and found the correct catalog, but as you say the pics are very poor. From the pics in the catalog it looks like your suspicions are very close, below is what I've found. The two on the left are from the 1970 catalog. The one on the right is from the 1968 catalog. Looks like they change it up by year (or maybe the resolution is so poor in the 1968 catalog, texture on the band can't be seen...), but definitely black or very dark brown, small grain croc or smooth... Nokie, I think I'll likely be off to one of the vendors to see if they have any suggestions!

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