Swedish guy in Sweden with a Swedish watch is looking for something heavy to put it on - the answer is a vintage Swedish Mauser sling. Identified by the original insignia:

This sling came with a bunch of pouches I bought, and it was stiff as a board. I have been trying to find the perfect product to bring that type of leather back to a workable state, and recently came across "Leatherique" on some car forums: people swear by it's ability to bring old leather seats back to like-new status, and I have to say, I was very impressed with the results.

Anyway, to make this as Swedish as possible, I experemented with stitching the Swedish battle flag:

File:Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I first completed it in an embroidery style (took forever and cramped my hand), but it looked too... 'well rounded' for the war-torn nature of the strap I was trying to accomplish. Digging around on the tubes for a bit I came across some snippets on some basic patriotic stitching soldiers would put into thier gear, gloves; they would start as repairs and some personality would be added - often while sitting in trenches. http://mnprairieroots.files.wordpres...-wwii-flag.jpg Rudimentary, but effective, and pretty cool. I found no evidence that Swedish soliders did this, but I found none to the contrary either.

It is completed with a satinized sewn-in MOD style buckle. The leather is in a perfect state for a heavy strap: after the Leatherique treatment settled, I just split a few ounces off of it, but it is very pliable.