ok so I bought a luch wind up watch love the watch and like the look of a leather band but I want something that is easy to remove and put on that's less stiff. I always liked expansion bands and found the "romunda" style band which fits the bill only problem not sure what siZe to get. my timex this one Timex Men's T2M993 Classic Digital Dress Two-Tone Expansion Band Watch:Amazon:Watches

fits me perfectly if someone knows what size the band that comes with this model is it will give me a better view of what to compare sizes too. my wrist is close to a 7" I think but I wear my bands tight. for a leather band I wear on the 7th hole and like it tight. the expansion bands look horrible loose. anyway if anyone knows the one I'm looking at there's one that's 6.125 and one that's 5.5 I know they stretch about 2 and a half Inches but I don't want to get stuck with a band that is floppy and loose I want it very snug on my wrist if anyone can help id appreciate it cheers