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    Making a leather strap for my friend's Citizen as his Christmas gift. I think I'm getting better at making straps but would love everyone's feedback. I will post more photos of the finished product.


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    Re: Progress

    That's a great strap! Good job! I think the stitching is spot on as well as those markings/lines on the strap border. If I had to be picky, I'd say that the holes are not straight/aligned and this will be an issue specially if you fit on that hole because the clearance on the tang buckle will be tight. Other than that I think its a nice looking strap. Not my style but it's great nonetheless.

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    Re: Progress

    Looks very nice to me. Like the minimal stitching.
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    Re: Progress

    I agree with the others, the stitching is great. The hole alignment will improve with some more practice. If you like you could burnish (dampen the leather slightly and rub it with a piece of canvas/denim/leather) the strap a bit to give a more refined look to the grooves on the sides.
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    Re: Progress

    The holes clearly aren't in line, but they are punched very cleanly. I think the tip needs some work, something about it just seems rough. Maybe if it was rounded instead of flat edges? Edge wise some of them look a little uneven or wobbly, as if the cut wasn't totally straight or the edge finishing was not even? The stitching looks great, very good job there. The indented line near the edge is also a very nice touch, and looks to be done quite well! To be honest this is not a bad strap at all, your friend should be very happy with it.

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    Re: Progress

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