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    Purchasing on bracelet advice

    I've heard the advice that purchasing on bracelet is better when getting a new watch.

    I've followed that advice but always found myself switching to nato straps due to the comfort.

    That being said, is it still worth it to pay a higher price just to obtain the endlinks if I often wear natos?

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    Re: Purchasing on bracelet advice

    Its safer long term; lets say one day you feel like wearing a bracelet, you have it there, but if you don't, you'll have to go pay higher premium.

    Resale, by not having a bracelet, your target will decrease, as there are many people looking for X watch with bracelet.

    End of the day its upto you on how you see it.
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    Re: Purchasing on bracelet advice

    Yeah, that is the issue. The bracelet surcharge at purchase time is usually not too bad. The same bracelet after the fact is MUCH higher.

    Plus, with straps you generally have no issue finding alternatives, no matter what you're looking for. With the bracelet, there's potential end-link fitting issues, there's definitely finishing issues, and there can be color-matching issues.

    That said, if you just don't wear bracelets, like me, then don't buy on the bracelet when you have other options. And a watch only available on bracelet is a big negative for me, especially if we're talking a higher end watch. The bracelet generally gets to be a pretty good chunk of change to just set aside, and selling the bracelet on its own is kinda annoying. (OK, I'm probably also lazy.)
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