A question for the nato/zulu mavens
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Thread: A question for the nato/zulu mavens

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    A question for the nato/zulu mavens

    Why are most straps more than 10" long? What is the purpose of the extra length...is there something you're supposed to use it for?


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    Re: A question for the nato/zulu mavens

    So the second keeper has a reason to exist i guess.

    I found this on Google.


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    Re: A question for the nato/zulu mavens

    Long strap so it will fit round my drysuit.

    Bit of a crap article that from gear patrol. The second looped material that goes under the watch with another keeper is not to keep the watch in place it is to ensure that when you remove the watch from the wrist the watch does not slip off the strap and bash the concrete. So beware all of you who snip this off to make the watch strap thinner. A heavy watch will easily slip off the strap.
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