A quick question about NATO straps.

Thread: A quick question about NATO straps.

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    A quick question about NATO straps.

    On eBay, are all NATO straps created equal? In which case I would just buy the cheapest ones I can find. Or, do some seller provide a higher quality product?

    Maybe some of you with experience would share who you bought from and the quality of the product you received.


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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.

    I found an ebay seller called clockworksynergy that I really enjoy their natos. About $12 a pop and I have zero complaints.
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    I buy Maratac strap from west coast times.

    I think they are really high quality. The only comparison I have though is oem strap for Traser watch. Maratac is much higher quality.

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    I've gotten some really nice ones from watchbarn on Ebay. Good heavy nylon and solid hardware. I've also gotten some from gnomonwatches that are much lighter and not as excellent. Price was about the same as I recall.

    So to answer your question, no they are not all equal.

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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.

    From my personal experience, Maratac > Timefactors > Gnonom. A Maratac I got three or four years ago was better than one I got from westcoastime a few months ago, also.
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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.

    Even the cheapest NATO straps from ebay will last you a long time.

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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.

    It really comes down to thickness - of the strap itself, and the rings.
    But even the "flimsies" will last you a lot longer than you'd care for.
    I have found some of the thin ones to be actually quite useful - for those watches that have very little room* between the spring bar and the case.

    *Frankly, I am perplexed - and not in a fun way - by the huge discrepancy in the bar-to-case distance that exists among different watches. Some are so tight as to be simply ridiculous. And then there are those that are wide enough to put your finger through. On the latter you can loop in your fattest Nato, and whip it right back out simply by pulling on it.
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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.

    This may help. Here are NATO's with 2 different bands. The red/black is 1.2mm thick and very flexible. Not heavy duty. Double sewn everywhere, 316 SS hardware. About $20.

    The all black is 1.9mm thick and made in Germany. Double sewn also. 316 SS hardware. Heavy duty. The weave is very tight and dense. It is so dense it has it's own gravitational pull. It will take about year to loosen this up. Too tight on my wrist and it aches, I like them loose anyway. About $23.

    The red/black fits nice and slim. The black is heavy and chunky. Compare the size of the SS loops.

    Both sold by the same ebay seller.

    I hope this helps. Dan
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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.


    Sells German made (not Chinese junk) all very good $12 each can't go wrong. I've been buying for years never an issue.

    Nato Strap


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    Re: A quick question about NATO straps.

    So would you reccomend those NATO's for $1.99? Thanks!

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