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    Railmaster strap issue

    Good afternoon,

    I'm having an unusual experience with my watch strap and was hoping for some advice please. I bought an Omega Railmaster back in August 2018, this was on the strap and not the bracelet. Within the first 4 months of ownership, the eyelet fell lose from the strap in the sizing hole I used. I went to the store and showed them, they apologised and ensured me they would get it repaired as quick as possible. I was satisfied with this, assuming that the issue was a rare occasion. Not too long after I had received the watch back with a new replacement strap.

    10 months later, in October 2019 the same had happened again. I went back to the retailer but was met with a completely different tone this time. On the first occasion, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 protected me to ensure the issue was fixed regardless. Now the retailer is arguing that the eyelet has fallen out as a result of fair wear and tear. I asked for the watch to be sent to Omega for an inspection, they do not believe it is a result of a manufacturing defect. Even if that is true, I personally don't feel the product quality is acceptable to have encountered this same issue twice in 14 months. Due to my occupation, I am unable to wear my watch whilst at work, meaning I wear it a lot less than the average person might do. The retailer is leaving me with the option to pay them £200 for a replacement strap.

    I wanted to reach out to the watch community for advice here, what would you recommend I do? I am happy to accept responsibility and pay for the repair if it is fair and right to do so. However given the circumstances in my experience, I don't feel this is fair or right. I have owned various watches, notably much cheaper than this one and haven't ever really encountered any issue, certainly not with any straps/bracelets. Naturally I had high expectations for an Omega timepiece... Did I set my expectations too high or have I been unlucky, should the retailer rectify this? The watch doesn't see a lot of wrist time, let alone heavy wear. I cannot personally see how this quality is acceptable, should I really be paying £200 for a replacement strap this often?

    I'd really appreciate feedback on this one please. Photo attached for reference.

    Thank you,
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    Re: Railmaster strap issue

    If they were a quality vendor, they should stand behind their products and correct this defect.

    You should not have to bear the burden of fixing an issue that is not your fault, IMHO,

    Good luck.
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    Re: Railmaster strap issue

    I never really liked the metal eyelet design on straps as over time the hole will stretch, especially if you wear your watch tight and are pulling to get the pin located in the hole when putting it on and taking off.

    Wear and tear or faulty products after a period of time are always contentious points and not one I'm going into as opinions always differ.

    What I would say, not just with the eyelet designed straps but all straps in general, you will get far better wear and tear and use if they are fitted with a deployment / deployant ( let's not go there ) clasp as you are not pulling on the strap when putting it on.
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    Re: Railmaster strap issue

    Page 7 in your Omega's red booklet: the strap is NOT covered by any warranty, whether you wear the watch on a daily basis or once in a while.
    This kind of strap with englued fabric is very thin and very fragile. What would you expect ?

    Why don't you talk about this on their FB page : https://www.facebook.com/omega

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