Reccomend me a strap for my daily wearer!

Thread: Reccomend me a strap for my daily wearer!

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    Reccomend me a strap for my daily wearer!

    Hey all, Im after a bit of advice on a nice strap for my daily wearer watch - a 1960's Swiss Emperor 7733 Chronograph. Im currently restoring it, hence the missing chrono hand and pusher - it needs a nice quality strap, the current one is a cheapo fake leather one that is also too big for my wrist (skinny 22 year old haha) - Id like it to be between mid and dark brown, alligator or lizard style and nicely padded, but I have no idea where to start! Any particular manufacturers to look into? Its not a hugely valuable watch money wise, probably £170 at most when restored, so a strap of around £30 would be great - being worn everyday, it will be getting some testing!

    P1010169 by victorkristiansen, on Flickr

    P1010170 by victorkristiansen, on Flickr

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    Re: Reccomend me a strap for my daily wearer!

    Try or
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    Re: Reccomend me a strap for my daily wearer!

    I'd flick through our Strap Forum and sponsor's web sites in the first place.
    Thread moved.
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