Replacement Bracelet or Strap for Oris Aquis

Thread: Replacement Bracelet or Strap for Oris Aquis

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    Replacement Bracelet or Strap for Oris Aquis

    I posted this same message on the Oris forum yesterday, but didn't get any responses. So I am opening it up to a larger audience in hopes of getting some suggestions.

    First time to the Oris forum as I am considering a 43.5 Aquis purchase – the green version. It’s used and comes with the rubber strap. I like the rubber strap and am sure I would use it in the summer, at least. But I prefer bracelets and especially like the Aquis’ stainless steel bracelet. I can’t imagine owning this watch and not having the bracelet … or a good alternative.

    Has anyone purchased a replacement OEM Oris Aquis bracelet or a decent alternative? Where? How much?

    I’m not opposed to good aftermarket alternatives. I have a nice blue Seiko SBDC053 (yeah, Seiko naming stinks unless fans give them nicknames, like the Monster or Samurai) with a pretty nice Strapcode oyster bracelet specifically made for it, and it is perfect.

    Any similar aftermarket bracelets or straps out there for the Aquis? Any nice alternative bands, straps or bracelets people have swapped onto their Aquis? Pictures please if you have them.

    This is the watch and bracelet:

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    Re: Replacement Bracelet or Strap for Oris Aquis

    Did you check, MilTat, etc?

    All make very nice aftermarket bracelets, but unsure of the fitment on an Oris.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Replacement Bracelet or Strap for Oris Aquis

    I don't know if Oris Aquis is popular enough that you could expect to find non-OEM bracelets fitting the watch. Probably best to ask an AD how much they charge for the bracelet. I found this UK seller and their price is £225 so I would expect that the cost is similar with other ADs.

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    Re: Replacement Bracelet or Strap for Oris Aquis

    There’s a guy out of Russia on eBay (username: Vivatnov) that makes custom straps for the Aquis/TT1 lugs. It’ll take about 3 weeks to receive, but he’s legit and can customize as well (different lengths, etc..).

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