Replacement clasp for Casio watch/repair?

Thread: Replacement clasp for Casio watch/repair?

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    Replacement clasp for Casio watch/repair?


    I hope I posted this in the right subforum.

    So I have a problem with my Casio watch, a DBC-611E-1EF.

    The watch itself and the strap are fine (steel band, silver colourway), but a piece of metal from the little clasp/mechanism/thingy holding it tight in place broke off. The part was flimsy as hell. It just broke in two while I was adjusting the strap.

    I am now unable to close the watch, because when I close the clasp, it does not stay in place because this piece is missing (causing the clasp part able to move up and down along the strap).

    Now I must apologize for the horrible explanation, I know nothing of this and it is my first watch. So I added a picture to make it more clear. The two seperate parts used to be one part attached to one of those two rails you see on the clasp part.

    Here are my questions;
    - can I repair this myself?
    - if not; where can I find a replacement part online? (a complete new strap is all I can find)
    - if nowhere; can a watch shop repair it for me and how much would it cost?
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    Re: Replacement clasp for Casio watch/repair?

    I would take it to a good watchmaker for an estimate. Since it is not a super expensive watch or band, I would guess the cost to repair it would be minimal.
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    I'll ask a shop whether it is easy and not too expensive to fix. I am just always afraid they will rip me off, as I have little to no knowledge when it comes to watches and repairs.

    Only spare part I could find online was an entire new strap for about ? 18, which is not crazy in itself but then again my current strap is still fine and the entire watch costed me only a bit over double of the price.

    Now I searched all day and did just find something similar. Only need one part but that is exactly what it used to look like on my watch.

    Don't know if they ship to where I live, but first of all; would this fit? Probably not because then I would have one part of the clasp from Casio (which is still attached to my band and fine) and the other part (from the link) not from Casio. Or is this by accident something standardized? Only says: "Fits Lorus, Sharp, Armitron, and more"

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