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    Replacing an integrated bracelet

    Hi there, hope someone can help. I am about to buy this watch (see picture). However, it has an integrated bracelet rather than just standard 18mm etc lugs. Is it possible to get a leather strap for this sort of fitting? Or would it even be possible to replace with another bracelet in future? The existing bracelet has a bit of stretch damage on it and I would hate to end up with a watch I can't wear. Plus I love leather straps rather than bracelets.

    Thanks in advance for your help. My finger is hovering over the "buy" button...

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    Re: Replacing an integrated bracelet

    You might re-post this in the "Omega" forum for more responses, but IMO, it will be tough to find another bracelet unless you can get a NOS one as the watch is vintage in age.

    A leather strap is a much better possibility, but it will have to be notched to fit correctly, meaning it will probably have to be done as a custom piece by a strap maker.
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