replacing an oyster bracelet with a jubilee

Thread: replacing an oyster bracelet with a jubilee

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    replacing an oyster bracelet with a jubilee

    I am trying to replace the original oyster bracelet on my Seiko SNZH57 with a Seiko type Jubilee. I bought an original Seiko Jubilee, but didn't like the quality so I am a looking to buy an after market model. The problem with the Jubilee I bought was that the spring bars were fatter than the ones on my watch, and wouldn't fit into the holes on the case. It looks like all the after market Jubilees I looked at may pose the same problem, because they say they will fit on the SKX007/9 only. Putting the bracelet on with the skinnier spring bars doesn't seem to be a good idea to me.
    Any suggestions?
    thanks for your replies

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    Re: replacing an oyster bracelet with a jubilee

    Most of the Seiko "Fat Bars" are 2.5mm. You should be able to drop down a size to 1.78mm without any issue. I would not go smaller than that.

    Also you might consider re-posting this in the Seiko forum for more possible responses.
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