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    Review: Ritche NATO Straps

    In my never-ending quest for inexpensive high-quality NATOs, I came across these Ritchie 2PC NATO Straps on Amazon. At 1.5mm thick with heavy duty brushed hardware for under $6 per strap, I just had to see what was up.

    When I grabbed the package out of my mailbox, I immediately noticed the weight. It felt substantially heavier than other straps I've purchased in the past. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the nylon and the inclusion of four extra spring bars. The straps seemed well-constructed and the nylon is softer than most cheap NATOs, but the hardware is not actually brushed. It's more of a matte beadblast finish:

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    The next thing I noticed was the two straps were not of equal length. As you can see, the green one is about half an inch shorter than the khaki:

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    This actually creates a bit of a problem, as even with my skinny wrists the khaki strap is barely long enough to fold over at the end. Instead of tucking it back through as I usually do, I ended up looping it over the first keeper ring and turning the second ring up to secure the loose end:

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    The green strap wasn't long enough to fold back at all, and I ended up using a ruler to shape the nylon so it lays flat instead of looking back on itself:

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    It doesn't look terrible I suppose, but it's not the look I prefer when wearing a NATO strap.

    Overall, I think these are good straps that could be great if they were only a half-inch longer. The materials and construction are much better than more expensive straps I've purchased from Infantry and Clockwork Synergy. As it is I'd recommend them to anyone with small wrists, or those who prefer to cut and seal the ends of their nylon straps instead of folding them over. If you have large wrists, these probably aren't for you.

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    Re: Review: Ritche NATO Straps

    I agree with your thoughts on this. I ordered up a few because they were so cheap, and while the quality is there, the sizing seems a little off for my 7.5" wrist. I felt like it made the overall size massive on the wrist, but I guess it's alright, though I wouldn't use these on a more dress styled watch (would try to find a more minimalistic version).

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    Re: Review: Ritche NATO Straps

    Personally, I love Ritche straps and bracelets. I've bought at least half a dozen of their NATO straps, one of which was leather, and two of their stainless steel mesh bands. I find them all to be comfortable. I trimmed the second strap off the straps that come with the fat round hardware (as in the OP's photos) as I find them pointless, but those that came with the flat hardware I've left. Anyway, most of them have been supple out of the envelope though a couple required some breaking in. The mesh bracelets look and feel great. One of my most common Amazon searches is "Ritche strap ??mm".

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    These look good, and unbeatable for the price. I grabbed a few of them, so thanks for the recommendation! For those who like these, they seem similar to the artstyle bands also available on Amazon. They have the same chunky hardware. The Artstyle are more expensive, but have more colors available in the thinner 1.2 mm thick straps. If you're looking for the bond stripe pattern, for instance, check them out.

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    Re: Review: Ritche NATO Straps

    Great looking and very well made straps IMHO.

    You made the correct choice.
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