Roughing up a strap?

Thread: Roughing up a strap?

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    Roughing up a strap?

    I have a few Panatime straps and I've always found them to be a good value. One thing I hate about them, however, is the sealant that runs along the edges of the strap. It just looks tacky. I've been thinking about taking some sandpaper to them to impart an "unfinished" edge. What do you think? Will I screw anything up? Any specific techniques, or will sandpaper and elbow grease be enough?

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    Re: Roughing up a strap?

    try a green scotch brite pad. i worked well for me when i "vintaged" one of my leathers
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    Re: Roughing up a strap?

    When I read the thread title, first thought was: run it over with your lawnmower...but now that I read the post: it really depends on what those straps are made of. It you wanted to rough up a solid leather strap then sandpaper would definitely be the thing, not too fine, like 120 grit. And go very slow :)
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    Re: Roughing up a strap?

    To take the edge coating off use a finer grit sand paper. For more a rough, vintage look go with Straps68 advice and get some rough sand paper.

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