The leather watch band on my father's watch has finally eroded away so that I can't wear it anymore.

I went to The Bay in Toronto to get a new band (and get it installed), only to be told that:
  • The watch requires a notched band;
  • The Bay does not carry notched bands; but
  • I could order a notched leather watch band online; and
  • Once I receive it, I could bring it to The Bay and they could put it on the watch.

As I think it would last longer, I would prefer to get a metal (non-clasp) band; but The Bay told me that they don't carry any and couldn't suggest anyone who does.

Could someone please confirm:
  • Must I purchase a notched band?
  • Are there places other than The Bay in Toronto, Canada that could replace the band anyway - perhaps by notching a regular band?
  • Are there places to purchase notched bands online?
  • Is there anywhere I could purchase and install a notched band in Toronto?

It seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a watch, but it was my (now deceased) father's; and wearing it is one way of showing my respect/affection.

Thank you for any advice/assistance you can provide.