Seiko 7005-6020 - need strap/bracelet options

Thread: Seiko 7005-6020 - need strap/bracelet options

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    Seiko 7005-6020 - need strap/bracelet options

    Just got a Seiko 7005-6020 like the one I had in high school. Blue dial, cut crystal, great looking bracelet. 17 Jewel auto. Runs great.
    My parents went on a Caribbean cruise in the early/mid 70's, picked up one for me and an identical one for my dad in a duty free place in St. Thomas. Mine was stolen around 1976 or 1977 out of my car. This is (was) dad's.

    He was thinning out some of his watches, and this is one that I chose for the above reason. The crystal is scratched up pretty good. And I can deal with that one way or another. Only one problem. It doesn't fit my wrist. If I had a couple of links it would probably be enough, but I am pretty much resigned to not being able to find one like it.

    Suggestions on a strap or bracelet options?

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    Re: Seiko 7005-6020 - need strap/bracelet options

    I think this would look great on a mesh bracelet, best of luck!

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    Re: Seiko 7005-6020 - need strap/bracelet options

    Might look at this vendor as he specializes in vintage bands- 19mm, 18mm items in Vintage Watch Band store on eBay!
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