Seiko Men's SNDA65 Replacement Strap

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    Seiko Men's SNDA65 Replacement Strap

    Hello everyone, first time posting on this site, found it while trying to find a strap for my new watch. Seems like a very cool watch community so I decided to register.I purchased a Seiko SNDA65 several weeks ago and I haven't been able to wear it because the strap that came with the watch is too short. I'm a big guy and as you can see from the pictures I can barely get it on the first hole, man does it feel tight. Does anyone have this same problem and if so which strap did you replace it with, where can I get a strap that is longer. I'm looking for the same type of strap.Seiko Men's SNDA65
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    Re: Seiko Men's SNDA65 Replacement Strap

    You can rifle through the list of online retailler thread at the tiop of this sub forum. If you were after a long strap in leather, there are a number of custom strap makers here that would be happy to help, but if you want that ballistic material you can get a long one on the cheap on eBay for sure. Yours looks to have a strip of pleath down the middle to protect the buckle holes from fraying, I won't guarentee you'd find something just like that in an xl, but a long nylon strap for sure.

    If you can stomach the look of nato, then you'd be a prime candidate; they come in 12" lengths all over the place, in every width and colour.

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