Seiko SBPG001 Bracelet problem....Need Link Pins.

Thread: Seiko SBPG001 Bracelet problem....Need Link Pins.

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    Seiko SBPG001 Bracelet problem....Need Link Pins.

    I have a Seiko SBPG001 solar/atomic digital watch....I need some bracelet link pins for it.

    I emailed Seiko Customer Service but haven't heard peep from them for several days.

    I tried some dfferent Seiko pins from other watches that I own but they don't seem to fit...mainly they're too small.

    Any ideas where I can find some?

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    Re: Seiko SBPG001 Bracelet problem....Need Link Pins.

    Seiko takes a while to respond because they are so big, so might still give them a bit.

    Did you try eBay searching with something like "Seiko Watch Accessories" or similar? Have seen a number of bracelet and strap parts for Asian watches on there from time to time.

    Might also consider re-posting this in the "Seiko/Citizen" forum to see if you get more responses.
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