Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

Thread: Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

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    Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

    I'm really liking my shark mesh band, but it seems a little "unfinished". There's some sharp edges that tend to snag on my sweater.

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    I bought the band listed here:
    4mm Thick Shark Mesh Watch Band Stainless Steel 20 22 24 | eBay

    I was wondering if this is normal for shark mesh bands?
    I'm going to use a fine point engraving tip and rotary tool to smooth the end of the coils that make up this band.

    The clasp is also cheap crap - that I'm replacing already :P

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    Re: Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

    Like everything else, there are different levels of overall finishing, depending on the quality of the bracelet.

    My Steib mesh will every great once in a while nip my wrist hair, but does not grab at my clothes, for one example.

    Clasp and lock is also much better than the cheap stuff.
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    Re: Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

    I recently bought the same mesh band. I haven't noticed anything rough or sharp. The band seems fine but the clasp is crap. It gets stuck on my wrist. I've taken it apart and made it release a bit cleaner but its still not great. I'm looking for a replacement clasp too.

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    Re: Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

    I bought a very similar band off of fleabay and found the same issue. These manufacturers at these price points don't fatten the ends (or at least not as well) like you would find on an OEM Omega or Brietling mesh bracelet. I bought it to "test" the look since I didn't know if I liked mesh or not. The answer is yes and for that it served its $30 purpose, I expected no more.

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    Re: Shark mesh band - sharp edges?

    Just my 2cents here. Rather then a sharp edge catching how about the links being pinched against each other grabbing the fabric?

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