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    Short Pilot Strap

    Hello all,I posted a while back about my Archimede Pilot and my "pencil wrists" (ca. 15 mm - 5.9", maybe a a bit more but not much). The watch itself looks fine (it kind of looks like a "Big Pilot" on my wrist but not too big) but my current strap is a bit too long at 110/80 (mm). Ideally the short end would be significantly shorter and the long end a little bit (to prevent too much flopping over). I would like to have a Pilot style strap. The original strap looks like this: Name:  ba.04.20.sw-31.jpg
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Size:  34.2 KBI've checked out the Bas and Lokes straps (they do 100/65) but they're not quite the same. Maybe you guys can help me out, I'd really like to wear my Archimede Pilot 39 more. Thanks!

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    Re: Short Pilot Strap

    I got mine from Gunny Straps (banner ad above) in a custom, short length. He can make a pilot style out of any leather he offers.

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    Re: Short Pilot Strap

    Crown & Buckle offers a few in short but might not be quite the same.

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    Re: Short Pilot Strap

    I've ordered a STOWA strap:

    Name:  1297706617-4513.jpg
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    It's one centimetre shorter than my current one on both ends (so 2cm in total). I hope it fits well!

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    Re: Short Pilot Strap

    FYI for future purchases, carries a number of short straps like the original one you posted.
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