Solid Bracelet for 7546-6020 SQ 100 (20mm lugs)

Thread: Solid Bracelet for 7546-6020 SQ 100 (20mm lugs)

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    Solid Bracelet for 7546-6020 SQ 100 (20mm lugs)

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if any fellow Seikoholics out there have sourced a solid bracelet for their Quartz Sports 100? Ideally I want a Presidential style one. My watch is a 7546-6020; it has the same case as the more popular 7546-6040 sport diver, and (I believe) the automatic equivalent 6309 model. They all have 20mm lugs and the first centre link is 7mm wide. I have the original bracelet and if it turns out that the lug dimensions (shape, width, curvature etc) don't match another, more readily available model's spec (Sumo, for example) then I'm happy to use the original folded end links. Could even tweak them a little to fit. Unfortunately, all of the aftermarket straps that I've found (Yobokies, W Jean, Strapcode, Tungchoy) have a centre link width of 9mm. Anyone know if the lugs on the 7546-6020/6040 case match another model? Alternatively, a solid Presidential bracelet with a centre link width of 7mm?

    muchas gracias amigos!

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    Re: Solid Bracelet for 7546-6020 SQ 100 (20mm lugs)

    I would check first. They carry a number of nicely made aftermarket bracelets for Seiko watches.
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