Source of 21mm Straps or Bracelets?

Thread: Source of 21mm Straps or Bracelets?

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    Source of 21mm Straps or Bracelets?

    I'm looking at a couple of watches that both have the unusual (to me at least) 21mm lug size. Does anyone have any good sources for 21mm straps or bracelets?

    The watches I'm considering are the Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT and the Seiko Premier Automatic SPB001J1.

    I generally buy my watches with bracelets if I can and switch out to a strap. I have several sources of straps that I like, but none seem to carry 21mm--it's either 20mm or 22mm.



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    Re: Source of 21mm Straps or Bracelets?

    I used a 22mm strap on my Hamilton Khaki Field watch which also says it needs a 21 mm strap and it fits just fine. A 20mm strap is too small, however.

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    Re: Source of 21mm Straps or Bracelets?

    I've got a 21mm watch and a couple of 23mm watches, I just go up one mm and stuff 'em in. Looks great, never any space between the strap and the lugs! FYI, once a 22mm goes between the 21mm lugs, it's a 21mm forever.

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