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    Speedy Pro Q

    Evening all,

    I'm in the market for a speedy pro but having recently bought a SubC don't really fancy it on the bracelet. I'm not keen on the bracelet itself and think the watch looks a lot better on a strap. I also think that on the bracelet it's a bit similar to the sub to justify me spending the money on it.

    What I'm thinking about doing is buying the speedy from iconic (about £2650) and selling on the bracelet so I can get some nice brown straps to my taste.

    My question is, Is there much demand / would it sell easily and how much could I expect to get for it?

    Really I'm just trying to justify the cost of a new watch here and getting it down close to 2k would help me do that.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Speedy Pro Q

    Whatever you save by selling off the bracelet, you will probably lose several times over when it comes time to eventually sell your watch and you lack the original bracelet to go with it (in my opinion).

    .... and the Speedmaster on a bracelet looks and wears nothing like a Sub. Don't hesitate for a moment to add a Speedmaster (on bracelet) to your stable.

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    Fair point and thanks for the reply. My issue really is that I'm not a fan of the bracelet, I find it overly fussy. I'd be tempted to sell the whole caboot really and keep the case only. I don't plan on flipping it so my interest is really in getting the price down. Also don't really have the desire for a big walloping presentation case.

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    Re: Speedy Pro Q

    i've seen people pay between 5-600 on the second hand market for the bracelet. Why not just try to find the speedy pro by itself without the case and bracelet? It could probably be had for quite a discount and will save you quite a bit of work.

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    Ed, that would indeed solve my problem. Ive actually been keeping an eye out on the bay for such a thing but haven't seen any to date. Just the case for 1500 bucks would be just the ticket.

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