Which spring bar type to purchase and width
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Thread: Which spring bar type to purchase and width

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    Question Which spring bar type to purchase and width

    I have a watch head (vintage watch...doesn't have any branding), no spring bars (don't have the ones previously on the watch).
    I do have a basic leather strap (19mm) which fits snugly.
    I don't have a digital caliper (yet, I guess!)
    Now I need to figure out what kind of spring bars to get (I will probably order other straps for fun too).

    I thought this would be easy to figure out, but then I found these pages:
    Watch Band Spring Bars | Double Flanged Spring Bars | Esslinger.com
    Spring Bars - All Types

    and now I am completely confused!

    1. If a strap size is 19, should the spring bar length always be 19?
    2. Do I get a double shoulder? Double flange? (are double shoulders and double flanges just to make it easier to grab? Are those basically the same?) Special ends? Single Shoulder?
    3. Is there a way to know what thickness spring bar I need? Is there a "standard" for most leather straps online (like if I go get one from HODINKEE or JPM)? Is it generally 1.8mm with most leather straps ordered online?

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    Re: Which spring bar type to purchase and width

    If the watch has drilled lugs (holes I the lugs where the spring bar goes in) then get single shoulder. Some people actually call the single shoulder spring bars sholderless spring bars. I myself would refer to Esslijgers single shoulder as shoulderless.

    Double flange is the most common but double shoulder and double flange both work just fine.

    You can almost never go wrong with 1.8 mm.

    I would by 1.8mm double flange.

    If your watch is 19 then it is 19s you should buy. If you know the strap is 19 and it's snug then that all you really need.

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    Re: Which spring bar type to purchase and width

    Standard thickness for bars (and yes get the ones that match the lug size), is 1.5mm or 1.8mm.

    You can get kits that have all the different sizes, by thickness from a variety of sources as well.
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    Re: Which spring bar type to purchase and width

    If you have drilled lugs, then it's possible that you'd want slightly longer spring bars.

    I believe Troy's right, that 1.8 is the most common. I just picked up a big ol' assortment of sizes...10 of each, IIRC, double shoulder, maybe 20 different sizes. Less than $10. It's when you buy only 1 or 2 of a set size that they'll get ya, for the handling involved for this kind of micro-sale.
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    Re: Which spring bar type to purchase and width

    I forgot to add - I have holes on the inside of the lugs for the springbars, and holes all the way through the lugs for one each of the top and bottom lug pairs.

    CastorTroy - what did you mean by "if I have drilled lugs"? Does that just mean if I have holes? (I would think most all old (like 40s-70s) watches are like that?) Or by definition does "drilled lugs" mean that the hole goes all the way through the lugs (at least on one lug of each pair)?

    And you said if I have those holes to get single shoulder, but then you said you get double flange. Are those 2 different kinds? Or is one type of springbar a single shoulder double flange? (I think so, like these: The Highest Quality Swiss Made Spring Bars)

    And what is the purpose of the double flange (versus like a double shoulder)?
    Thank you again
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