I managed to revive one of my favorite watches. However during its wait for years, the rubber band became very weak and simply ceased to exist. I contacted my local Fossil dealer who told me that they stock parts for 5 years and since this watch is about 9-10 years old, that they have no parts for it.

Name:  IMG_20150102_214346.jpg
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Name:  IMG_20150102_214402.jpg
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Size:  307.6 KB The lug width is 20 mm.

Name:  IMG_20150102_214424.jpg
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Size:  49.9 KBHowever this is the front part of the strap which seems to be a part of the body.

Name:  IMG_20150102_214432.jpg
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Size:  112.9 KB Another view of the lug.

Name:  IMG_20150102_214440.jpg
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Size:  76.6 KB This is the front view of the above photo.

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Any hope finding a suitable strap for this watch?

Thanks for your time,