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    Strap Code canvas straps

    Anyone have any experience with their washed canvas straps? Trying to find something soft without going the full custom route. Any other choices I should consider please let me know. Thanks

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    Re: Strap Code canvas straps

    I had the khaki canvas strap from their "zizz" collection. Good quality, but a bit too thick for my taste. Perhaps some of their other canvas straps are thinner.
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    Re: Strap Code canvas straps

    I have had canvas from three of our custom makers here, Kastantona, Micah and Drew and two off the shelf from Kobold and Halios. You could go to their websites and check them out. I have heard some really good things about Drunk Arts canvas but have not ordered from him yet.

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    Re: Strap Code canvas straps

    I had a couple and they might vary by style (I had a blue jean canvas and a beige one) but found them to be thin and constructed only ok. Not much to them.

    All of the other StrapCode stuff I have purchased in the past has always been of good quality, both bracelets and leather straps but the canvas I got was not up to expectations for the price so I sent them back and found a couple of other good sources.

    I probably got a bad run by mistake and StrapCode is very easy to work with, but I was not that impressed with them. Seen better.

    Drunk Arts makes some awesome straps, but the wait can be very long.
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