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    Question Strap length question

    When looking at straps for my watches, I come across many different 120/75, 115/80, 125/80 etc....How do I know what size to choose? I have a 7 1/4" wrist, and I know that one of my custom bands was 125/75 per recommendation, but I don't see that measurement that often in premade straps.
    I was looking at some straps from Panatime and their sizing chart recommends 120/75 length for my size wrist. The ones I like are listed at 125/85 mostly and one of them 115/80. Will they be too long and will the 115/80 be too short?
    Too confusing. I like the way my Hamilton strap fits and I measured it at ~120/80.
    So what would I choose and why?
    Thanks guys! :thanks
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    Re: Strap length question

    I think it also depends on the watch. For example, Doxa needs longer strap compared to Panerai, because Doxa has shorter lug to lug length. Some like longer strap to wrap around the wrist, and some like just fit. It is hard to say in your case. I would ask their return and exchange policy before placing order.


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