Strap to make a small watch bigger?
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Thread: Strap to make a small watch bigger?

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    Strap to make a small watch bigger?

    Pardon the bad photo but I think its good enough to serve my purpose.

    This is a cheap watch I bought on eBay. I doubt is has any value but I think it's kinda cool. I also think from the 12mm strap lugs that it was originally intended to be a women's watch.

    I am not a woman. I am not even a small man. I am a large hulking dude, although I do have somewhat narrow wrists compared to my size. What I would like is some sort of strap that has a narrower strap the goes thru the pins but has a larger backing and wrist strap so that there is a layer of material between the whole watch and my wrist. The overall effect would be to make it proportional, so i wouldn't look quite so much like a dude wearing a ladies watch. t'm sure there's a term for that type of strap but I'm a watch noob and don't know what it is. I know they were somewhat popular in the late 60s and early 70s with larger watches because i have a copy of my 7th grade school photo where I'm wearing a watch on a black suede one with some sort of studs---kind of an early 70's middle school S&M look though I didn't know what S&M was at the time.

    Any advice?

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    Re: Strap to make a small watch bigger?

    Bund Strap!
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    Re: Strap to make a small watch bigger?

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    Re: Strap to make a small watch bigger?

    Bund strap is a great suggestion.
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    Re: Strap to make a small watch bigger?


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