Strap options for a Timex 80?

Thread: Strap options for a Timex 80?

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    Strap options for a Timex 80?

    I recently bought a black Timex 80 but find the stock strap to be very uncomfortable. What are some other strap options for one of these? I prefer Nato straps..

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    Re: Strap options for a Timex 80?

    If the strap is held on the usual way with a pair of spring bars, remove the strap and measure the width of the strap where the bars go through the strap. You can also measure the space it fits into on the watch. That would be the "lug width". It looks as though you can simply get a Nato of that width (if it's a normal size, 16, 18, 20, 22, or, 24mm). It might also be the case that the Casio Nato adapters might also work on those.

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