Straps from KAIN for Lum-tec V1

Thread: Straps from KAIN for Lum-tec V1

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    Straps from KAIN for Lum-tec V1

    picked up some straps from Kain Heritage. The shipment was fast and Kain provided the cases and a nice discount.

    this is the charcoal with a dark green stitching.

    2nd is one of the ostrich straps with charcoal stich.
    I was considering having the straps notched but was worried about the fit. I'm happy with the way they turned out and the customer service from Mr. Kain. Length is great for my 7" wrist.....3rd hole for those wondering.....

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    Re: Straps from KAIN for Lum-tec V1

    Kain makes some excellent straps at a good price and has great customer service. Good call.
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