Straps for Omega PO 45.5

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    Straps for Omega PO 45.5

    Hi mates,

    I'm looking for alternative straps for my omega Planet Ocean 45.5mm, replacing the original metal bracelet. Is there any recommendation on which straps I should purchase? (Pics are more than welcome =)

    I'm interested at Hirsch straps, and was just wondering if the Leonardo collection would fit the lugs and case.

    and does anyone know any straps shop in Sydney? I hardly find one here =(

    Thank you

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    Re: Straps for Omega PO 45.5


    as you mentioned, hirsch straps are nice, esp for the price! i have one on my omega as we speak. for the money, you cant beat em.

    but for not much more money you can get something a bit nicer, like these:

    im sure theyll ship to sydney, as they will ship to iraq for me

    as far as the hirch leonardo goes, they seem pretty decent, but for the prices that ive seen them going for, i can have a custom handmade strap. ymmv

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