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    These Leather Watch bands

    Has any one purchased a watch band from john allen woodward? He is out of Denver CO. The guy i buy my custom shoes from, I asked him if he made leather watch bands and he sent me to this guy. The look nice. They are a bit pricey.......Thought I would see if anyone has any opinions. My shoe guy was his leather apprentice before going into his own business and moving to Tahoe CA.

    the straps are at .

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    Re: These Leather Watch bands

    No experience with him. Definitely pricey. If you've got a watch that justifies a strap of that level, I'd say go for it. Figure...your shoe guy is probably *not* going to risk his relationship with you by giving a BS recommendation.

    One thing I would verify is you can specify all the key aspects: width/taper and the lengths of each side. This is a price for fully bespoke.

    As alternatives:

    JLC uses these as OEM.
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