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Thread: Vintage Helbros Strap Suggestions

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    Vintage Helbros Strap Suggestions

    Just got a new-to-me Helbros Invicible back from service and am looking for strap options. Photos below are on an 18mm leather NATO from another watch.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    (Cross posted to the Vintage forum, mods please let me know if that's an issue)
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    Re: Vintage Helbros Strap Suggestions

    Great watch. That distinctive vintage style, and it says Invincible on the dial? Want.

    Anyway, my suggestion would be for a simple strap from a very nice leather, with a minimal accent stitch. With that gold case, I'd want to go with something that provides a bit of contrast, maybe a deep brown, and then either matching brown accent stitches, or a lighter, natural colour to give it a small dose of casual.

    MOAR PICS when you sort out the strap - I want to see more of that watch.
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