Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?
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Thread: Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

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    Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

    Hi, i need help in finding out what watch/watches that use this type of bracelet. I found the picture by chance, unfourtunatly the picture does not show all of the watch, just the bracelet. I dont know why but i like it and i havent seen this type of bracelet before. Does anybody recognize it? I would be very helpful if you could help me.

    I have searched on my own and havent found anything. However i found that Tag Heuer Link use a similar type of bracelet but not the exact same.


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    Re: Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

    Reminds me of Tag.

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    Re: Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

    A Panerai bracelet is what it looks like to me.
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    Re: Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

    +1 on the Panerai bracelet.

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    Re: Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

    Looks very similar to the TAG Heuer Link series bracelet. Very comfortable bracelet too. Each link has a slight curve in it and it really sits nicely on the wrist.
    The one in your photo doesn't look like a TAG bracelet to me because of the holes that are visible on the sides and the slightly raised section in the middle of the links. Also, those links look slightly shorter than the TAG Heuer ones. The TAG ones also have a ridge in the middle of each link.
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    Re: Which watch/watches use this type of bracelet?

    In one of the threads someone posted a Tag CT1111 which had the exact bracelet.
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