Westcoastime: problem with order; anybody else?

Thread: Westcoastime: problem with order; anybody else?

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    Westcoastime: problem with order; anybody else?


    I had purchased from Westcoastime in the past (22mm Black Maratac Zulu). Quality has been excellent and held up great over time.

    On 14 July I placed an order for three Maratac Zulu's, 3-ring version in 22mm with the the usual brushed SS hardware in Black, Olive Drab and Desert Tan. I received a padded envelope with 3 straps, but to my surprise they were the 4-ring version Nato. I contacted Westcoastime (Howard) and he was quick to get back and shipped a new order. I received the order today and only 2 straps were included, Black and Desert Tan. Yes, they were the 3-ring version Zulu, but the black one was not a true 22mm. The latter was a hair narrower so it didn't properly cover the lug gap; also slightly thiner compared to the other zulu I had from him and against the Desert Tan. Also, the Desert Tan was not branded "Maratac" on the pin ring. It appears they switched hardware, suppliers and lost touch with controlling what gets sent vs order received.

    I sent him an email again asking to please assure me the 3 new straps he would send would be as initially requested. Other than that, I will be sending back the 5 straps I have at this point for a full refund of the original order.

    Anyone bought from them recently? Good experience?

    All the best.
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    Re: Westcoastime: problem with order; anybody else?

    Got a couple of straps from them in June. No issues with shipping or length of deliver times, so might want to check back with them as they are usually very good in terms of customer service.
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