What to do with second keeper?

Thread: What to do with second keeper?

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    What to do with second keeper?

    If you have a big wrist, what do you do with the second keeper? I just snipped it off of my Steinhart O1 Bronze. But I ordered a Hirsch Tiger strap, and I am not sure I want to snip it off on a hundred dollar strap, what if I want to pass it on someday? Is there a more elegant solution than to damage the strap?

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    Re: What to do with second keeper?

    Huh? You mean the floating keeper, the one that is not sewn to the strap? Well, you could just slide it off the strap and tuck it away in your watch box.
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    Re: What to do with second keeper?

    Just slide it off and keep it in case you need it in the future.

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    Re: What to do with second keeper?

    Seems like you have to much length on the buckle side and need more on the longer section, shorter length on the buckle section would have the buckle nicely sat in the middle of your wrist, and if the long section was longer you wouldn't have this dilemma you have, however you do and as has been mentioned you could have slipped it off and stored it away, if it's a keeper strap then the floater has no use so snipping it off is no big deal really.
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    Re: What to do with second keeper?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess you could slide it off. I didn't really try because it was a tapered strap and it didn't look like it would slide off the wide end, and the sewn on first keeper prevented it from sliding off the buckle end. I wear my watch kind of loose so it slides around a bit, when I center it on the top of my wrist, the buckle is centered on the bottom.

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    Re: What to do with second keeper?

    I tend to push it up to the lug end of the strap, where straps typically widen. Friction holds it in place.

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    Re: What to do with second keeper?

    Looks ok to me.
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