What to look for when buying straps?

Thread: What to look for when buying straps?

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    What to look for when buying straps?

    Hi, with the current restrictions on imports in my country its very complicated to buy straps online and its not worth the trouble, which means i cant buy any known straps or ask about x strap quality. So i will try some local sources to see what i can find, straps here arent exactly cheap so i wanted to ask for some pointers on what would you look for when buying leather straps.

    Are there any things to look for by someone who is not exactly versed on the subject so i wont buy a strap that will dissapoint me after a short while? or is it more a try and see thing which i would prefer not mainly because of the money involved as i said.

    We have quality leathers here but we also have a lot of people wanting to make easy money selling crap. I tried to look but couldnt find any references locally so i will be buying based on my judgement alone.

    Are there any type of leathers more recommended than others? thickness, flexibility, more things?

    Currently im looking for brown and black leather straps, maybe a croc print, nothing exotic.

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    Re: What to look for when buying straps?

    Might help if you listed your country in your profile or told us what it is.

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    Re: What to look for when buying straps?

    Look for top or full grain leathers, horween, shell cordovan chromexel are of good quality if buying from independent strap makers.

    If you find something from a bigger manufacturer, look for Hirsch, Hadley-Roma, Di-Modell, Rios, or Fluco, Bob Straps, to name a few good larger makers.

    Also might try Goggling this question for more resources.
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    Re: What to look for when buying straps?

    If you are able to handle the strap before purchasing check the construction of the strap. A big red flag would be sloppy workmanship, too much adhesive and cheap feeling leather. You want a leather that feels nice and thick yet flexible, something more dense. Cheap leathers tend to feel like plastic and are very light compared to a nice piece of leather. Smell the strap. sounds weird but if it has a potent chemical smell, it is likely a cheap piece of leather, if leather at all. If I knew what country you were from I could give you a better idea of who might be able to help you out. Hope this helps!

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