Where can I find these straps?

Thread: Where can I find these straps?

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    Where can I find these straps?

    Any idea? They look so much more supple and well-crafted than others I've seen on around the 'net.

    Thanks in advance (from a longtime lurkist, first time poster)!


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    Re: Where can I find these straps?

    Hi Chad, welcome to WUS!

    Those straps looks great, I agree, but they look contemporary(WWII). Look at the length of those straps, supposed to be worn over a flieger jacket.

    Perhaps check out Jürgens Straps?

    I suggest some nice leather Nato-style straps, no rivets though.

    If you really want the rivets, or a two-piece strap, check out Steinhart's collection of beautiful straps (22 or 24mm only):


    This is just an example:

    Good luck!

    Daniel Z.

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    Re: Where can I find these straps?

    Stowa makes some nice looking flieger straps. Inexpensive too.

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