Where to get a good leather keeper?

Thread: Where to get a good leather keeper?

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    Where to get a good leather keeper?

    So I've purchased the OEM leather strap for my Terrascope and attached an aftermarket deployant clasp which is working out well. My problem is that since my wrist is small, I've ended up with a lot of excess strap after the clasp, and the strap did not come with a keeper.

    For now, I'm using one from one of my other leather straps, but it is not the right size (need 21.5mm) and not a matching or complementary material (ostrich with white stitching).

    This seems to be something that any custom strap maker can make... does anyone have any suggestions of any vendors or sites that will produce good results but won't break the bank?

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    Re: Where to get a good leather keeper?

    Might try some of the strap vendors here like Crown and Buckle, etc as some do see extra accessories for straps such as keepers.

    Might also check out watchbandcenter.com
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    Re: Where to get a good leather keeper?

    Keepers are so important to have the perfect fit, so when one goes missing or you just never had it to begin with, then either strike it lucky with a match and availability VERY RARE with a vendor OR same strap comes along MATCH yeah? OR custom, problem with custom is you would have to send your entire strap in to the maker of your choice for them to actually build a keeper for it, with a custom it would have to wrap around your existing strap x 2 sections tapered non tapered blah blah and also to match up as best as possible the type of leather/hide used, OR you could just go totally opposite of what one would expect and slap another keeper on this one regardless of colour match grain match or even hide match for that matter, Like a Black with a tan keeper sounds odd but actually works well, there are really no rules in how you wear a strap or on what watch you match it up with, it all boils down to personal taste.
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    Re: Where to get a good leather keeper?

    guys like Rob montana or Micah vintager can easily make a keeper but, as Shane mentioned, they will need the strap.

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