Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?
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Thread: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

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    Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    I am looking at purchasing a strap and am noticing that while some straps have little difference in thickness of the strap, some go from 6mm on the end near the spring bars to 3mm at the buckle end. Others are near the same with the variation only going from 3.5mm near the spring bars to 3mm near the buckle. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages on one versus the other? Thank you.

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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    Straps that taper in width or thickness tend to have a more refined look and pair particularly well with dressier watches. Straight-cut straps generally look better on sport/tool watches. These are of course generalizations, and much depends on the strap material and build.
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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    idk what it is but the thickness of the strap affects the character of it and in turn the watch very much. That said, I think dress watches look better in thinner leather straps

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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    The taper from the lugs down to the tip is sometimes to keep from having a huge mass of leather underneath your wrist. It's also for looks and to showcase refined craftsmanship.
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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    I also think it adds better proportion to some watches when the strap tapers.
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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    Lots of reasons to be honest. I would say the biggest in the practical sense is two things. First, the lug end has to hold the spring bars or something equivalent, so you have to accommodate the thickness of those items. The strap being a little thicker at the lug may be needed, you can't get a spring bar inside a 2 mm strap without a bulge. Second, lots of watches have tapered lugs so the strap starting thicker the moving thinner may make the strap "flow" (for lack of a better word) better with the watch case. This may also lead to a better fit on the watch as well since the strap, ideally, would match in proportions to the lug.
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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    I think Karkarov has very well summarized the main reasons. All I'd like to add is that, for instance, different watches have different case thickness/height. If you have a watch with a case that is only 7mm thick/high (usually measured from the bottom of case back to the crystal dome or top) you may not want to put a 6mm thick/high strap on it. And vice versa: if you have a watch that has a 16mm case thickness/height, a 3mm thick strap may not be its best fit.

    Just aesthetic variations. ;)
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    Re: Why do Straps Vary in Thickness?

    Another factor that makes sense to me:

    Very tall watches may look peculiar on thin straps. With a large piece like 44mm diameter and 15mm tall, you don't want a skinny little nothing, necessarily. Not in leather at any rate. BUT, if you're talking 5mm thick at the holes...that much leather is inherently stiffer, making the watch harder to buckle/unbuckle, assuming it doesn't have a deployant clasp.
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