Why do you guys like leather straps??

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Thread: Why do you guys like leather straps??

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    Why do you guys like leather straps??

    Hi everyone,

    I've always liked how leather straps look on other people's wrist in pictures, however when it comes to myself it always seems a bit off.

    -At first I thought leather straps are more formal because it makes it easier to slide under a dress cuff, but what I found is the exact same watch actually hides under a dress cuff better with the stock bracelet. Is it formal just because that was the trend with older generations?

    -Also, how do you guys keep your watch secured on your wrist? The obvious way would be to tighten it, but that way it feels uncomfortable that something's cutting off your circulation. If you make it a bit loose when you lay your hands on the table, the case actually lifts up and moves side to side

    Albeit all the leather straps i tried aren't really high quality, the most expensive I have is a strapco alligator grain for $30 something. I

    would really appreciate to hear what you guys think!!

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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I'm still hooked on expansion bands.

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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I can offer that the difference between a high quality strap and a cheap is night and day. I own quite a few cheap straps and they wear OK but I have always preferred bracelets. However, I fairly recently bought a high quality Horween leather strap and I absolutely love it. There is no comparison to the feel between it and the cheaper stuff. I don't have to wear the strap tight and the watch doesn't move around much at all, even less than with a bracelet. This was one case where I could honestly say that paying 3 times more was worth it.
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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    For me, I like the versatility of giving your watch a different look. And they're also hella comfortable!
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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    IMO leather is by far the most attractive option for most watches and, if you get a high-quality strap, will generally be one of the most comfortable options as well.
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    Ben "LBD"

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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I work as a Bartender, and throughout a shift my wrist usually swells, so it's either have a lose metal bracelet half the day that fits on shift, or wear leather/Nylon. Plus stylistically I find metal bracelets on anything that isn't a Diver or Diver inspired to be kind of gaudy, and on my dainty wrists, even feminine. I totally get why people prefer one over the other, but for my money there is nothing that beats a high-quality padded leather band. I really, really unashamedly love butterfly deployment clasps, but only can use them on my non-daily wear watches. Disclaimer: I own 6 dress watches, one Seiko Pilot, and one Casio Protrek for hiking... not a single Diver or anything related.

    The key to leather straps is just like anything else, you generally get what you pay for however, my occasional cheap strap purchase ("Well, I think maybe I'll get this slightly different black strap to complement the other 3 black straps I have for just this watch.") always end up with regrets. Adjustments though-out the day, easy as pie to change out, and general comfort mean Leather beats Metal in my book.

    Addendum: I am also firmly of the mindset that if you are wearing a suit, at night, you should have a leather band on your Watch. Metal Bracelets just do not work at night in my eyes, too many reflections in soft light and what may have looked gaudy can start to look garish, or worse, painfully show-offy. I am also a self-professed luddite and the only person on earth who still cares at any level about if bracelets are proper formalwear. I also abhor watches worn while in a Tuxedo, but that is apropos of nothing.

    tl;dr Leather is good, me like
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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I love leather for the endless options out there. They are completely customizable, reduce weight, so comfortable. You can go rugged or sophisticated.

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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I like stainless steel because they are tough, hard, rugged, masculine and can take a beating. Leather does look better sometimes, but the steel is more low maintenance.

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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I agree with all of the above that higher quality makes a huge difference, and obviously if your budget allows you to go custom, then it can fit absolutely perfectly to your needs.

    A lot of Seiko oem leather is total junk, and it almost turned me off entirely to leather straps, but one of my nicest is the Geckota I use on my SRP775. It's now a permanent fixture, the bracelet is just sitting in the box.

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    Re: Why do you guys like leather straps??

    I like to have both in my collection, so I couldn't vote on just one.

    Lasts quite a bit longer, more durable, can be submerged, quicker to put on and take off, good ones feel very high quality

    More appropriate aesthetically for dress watches, can easily change the size without tools for hot/cold days, lighter and usually more comfortable, grab the wrist better to prevent the watch from sliding around, can be used to dramatically change the aesthetic of the watch (large variances in color, design, texture)

    It really depends on the watch, too. Some work better on bracelet and some are better on strap. Also, if they stock bracelet isn't made well, you're unlikely to find an aftermarket one that perfectly fits the lugs and aesthetic of the watch. With leather, there are plenty of aftermarket options.
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