Why are so many OEM straps far too stiff?
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Thread: Why are so many OEM straps far too stiff?

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    Why are so many OEM straps far too stiff?

    It seems as if every OEM leather strap is so stiff that they don’t conform to the shape of my wrist. I end up replacing them all with aftermarket straps.

    Is there a reason for this?

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    Re: Why are so many OEM straps far too stiff?

    The reason is they often try to save on straps and use a thin strip of 'genuine' (very missleading term) or a bonded leather which is usually 'plastic' / leather blend. And to top it off they use a really thin slice. Core is usualy made from some filler material.

    Multiple layers and already stiff materials usually make the strap very rigid. And after some wear and tear these straps often get a weird smell and start to crack.

    With the aftermarket straps they usualy use way better leathers as the strap is their sole focus.

    If you want something pliable and to last a lot longer try to find something with 'full' or 'top' grain leather. This means the leather is actually the top layer of hide which has superior caracteristics.

    But this straps can easily cost north of a 100 eur which is why companies normaly cut costs there, as it is quite an easy swap for those of us that care about this kind of stuff.

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